JENNY HOLZER. Gallípolis (Ohio), 1950

In the whole milestone of the feminine creation worldwide thanks to your direct, suggestive and new formats, across which all kinds launches her messages. Alternating concepts that move among the reality and the fiction, among the public thing and the private thing, the universal thing and the particular thing; the brilliant North American offers an incisive social and psychological portrait of the contemporary epoch.

Nowadays, her works can turn of this contemporary artist in the own collections of the museum Guggenheim, in Bilbao and in Fondation Beyeler (Basle), from 01-11-2009 to 24-01-2010.

Holzer begins to work around the word as aesthetic value in yes same; as work of art capable of transmitting of clear, simple and attractive form a message that, in case of the work of this genial North American, she touches matters of nature political, social, of Kind, or environmental. Her first offer in this respect they were the famous Truism, a collection of aphorisms that she stamped on t-shirt and cartels, distributing them for New York. In them appointments could be read as Protect me from what I want or Abuse of power you eat ace not surprise; short and direct texts loaded with meaning and intentions, which always they invite to a deep reflection on the part of whom they read them and which in many cases play with the ambiguity, the contradiction, the double reading, the humor and the irony; turning into a faithful reflex our paradoxical life.

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In the decade of the eighties her work began to enjoy great prestige and her phrases were projected in places as emblematic as Swindle Square (1982). Since then, her work has been exposed in all kinds of museums and institutions, including in the Biennial show of Venice of 1990, where she was the artist selected to represent to the United States. Nevertheless, during last two decades, in which her work has been very  prolific, few exhibitions have been seen in North America about she, and this one is the principal reason for which the MCA Chicago presents in your rooms an exhaustive sample centred on the pieces realized from 1990 to the present day, that permacerá opened until the next February 1 and ride for title ” Jenny Holzer: PROTECT PROTECT “. The whole opportunity to submerge between the words before which Holzer faces us and which never make us indifferent.


Jenny Holzer’s current exhibitions

MCA chicago October 25, 2008-February 1, 2009

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao. Permanent exhibition

Fondation Beyeler (Basilea), from 01-11-2009 to 24-01-2010.



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