The Reedbok market share has declined in recent years, although the brand was bought by Adidas four years ago.

To solve this, Reebok has decided to return to its origins and focus on women as a target audience, the same that prompted him to their reputation and sales in the 80s and 90s.

The name of the advertising strategy is Jukari, is the name of a new aerobic discipline that Reedbok has created in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. It’s a new way of doing gymnastics with a technique like a swing. The strategy is aimed at women who love sports such as gymnastics or aerobics.

This launch was preceded by an investigation which highlighted that 61% of women claimed that they would do more exercise if it were more fun.

Here you have the television commercial, produced in Korea, and the commercial of 1990, produced in the U.S.A. And you can see the differences. In the first you can see that the women have the physical activity as a lifestyle, and second, the women seem to have more personality, and slippers are part of everyday clothing, as part of the fashion of the time.

Current commercial:

Commercial of 1990:


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