This year we celebrated 2 years since the birth of our blog, which we try to grow every day for you to continue having the best experience with us. AdWomen is a space where to know, debate and promote the work of ladies working professionally in the industry. We present the most significant and intriguing creativity made by women. We let in your hands determinate if there exists a feminine factor in the creativity, and if so, identify its peculiarities and differences with regard to creativity made by gentlemen. Once again we thank you for your visits, support and feedback. This has been a year of change and growth in our community, because of this soon you will know the new platform on which we are working very hard to give you the best possible reception. Here you can see summarized the highlights of 2010.

The 10 Features this year are:

1. Portfolio Night 8: The most innovative event where the best creative directors of agencies will made available to young creative to see their work and value it. We also had the change to Interview to… Elke Klinkhammer, Kate Davis, Catherine Savard, Pepa Rojo, Natalie Lam, Suzanne Pope, Konstantina Chatzaki y Aleka Papadia.

2.  With the aim of promoting and give support to women in the industry, we created “The femenine side of the advertising festivals”, a Facebook page where we talk about all the festivals where women are protagonist, whether as a juror or as creative. The first festival we wrote about was Cannes Lions and the last one was Golden Stilettos Awards, launched by She Says.

3. “Women are Heroes”: TED gives the TED Prize to the person who develops the best plan to change the world. This years winner was a french man known as JR,  an artis and  a fotographer that has connect close with us.

4. Interview to Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin: Have marked a before and after in the history of advertising with its Dove campaign "For Real Beauty". In the interview they talk about the women in advertising.

5. This year we wanted to support the campaigns that talk about the disease that unfortunately affects so many women around the world, is the Breast Cancer. We've created a Facebook page called “Breast Cancer Best Advertising” where we want to encourage you to publish or vote for the your favourite Breast Cancer campaings  or the ones that have excited you. We already have a small gallery, help us filling it!

6. Fashion and Advertising: These campaigns are an advertising weapon in editorial terms. The mark is renewed and positioned in the market with these images. And these campaigns are an indicator of who will be the most successful faces in the following months.

7. Creative Director Women: Is the new section we presented this year, where you will find all the campaigns that have been made by a female creative director. ¡¡Send us your campaigns to!!

8. Feel welcome to our Linkedin Group: Adwomen, were you can give your opinion about all that has to do with women in this industry. It's a place where you will be in touch with advertising professionals and get to know their insights. We listen to you!

9. ¿Women or men creativity?: This section is working really well, and we feel great for this. Also have to remark your great eye to know who is behind the commercial.

10. Finally, I want to thank all of our Twitter followers; we already are more than 1000 people. If you’re not yet, what are you waiting for?

The 2011 opens the door to a new decade, we hope it brings new insights  and opportunities for all women in the advertising industry.

We want to make a wish: Wrap this New Year up with a lot of Creativity

Happy Holidays to everyone

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