The Spikes Asia 2010 Advertising Festival has finished a week ago in Singapure. This yearthe festival gave 273 Spikes Asia Trophiesaward across 11 categories and brought together almost 1,400 people connected to Asia Pacific’s advertising industry.

Below, you can watch one of Zenobia`s three videos of her “Breakthrough trust” campaign, winner of three Gold Spikes. If you want to see the other two videos you can found them in our Facebook page “The feminine side of the advertising festivals“.

There were five women awarded in the TV/Cinema 2010 category. As we have said, Zenebia Pithawalla, as Creative Director, recieved three of the five awards of Gold Spike for her campaing “Breakthrough trust“. Tina Sachdev, Emma Hill and Sandy Chan achieved the award of Silver Spikes for their campaings “The Chase“, “Dove Love“and “It’s on our nature“, respectively. And Natalie Knight was given the Bronze Spikes for her work as copy writter in “Father and Son“.

Zenobia`s campaign “Breakthrough trust“, that’s compose of three films, it was an iniciative that got started in 2008 with the objetive of trying to resolve the problem of domestic violence asking people to get involved. By the next year this innovative solution became a movement. These films are inspired by true storiesof people who joined the movement. What Zenobia pretends is to give ideas of how to stop a situation where a woman it’s been mistreated.

The Chase” from Tina Sachdev, It’s a film to sell a card replacemente service. The video show the anguish and frustation that we feel when we are stolen or we lose our credit card, and the offer a service to solve this situation. The film slogan is: “quick replacement of lost debit cards”

The campaing of Emma Hill “Dove Love“, it’s a continuation of the spot “Pure Blonde beer ad” made two years ago, that you can check it in our post. The objetive was to expand the brands position as a pure beer from a place that’s much more pure than the one we live in. In this consecution it appears a dovethat is a symbol that remains us to the Paradise of the first spot. In the end of the announcementthe dove crashes agains a wall that looks like the Paradise itbelonged to. This resource brings the dove to reality, that is so far away from that idyllic place.

This film “It’s on our nature” created by Sandy Chan and Simon handford. Is a metaphor for Shangri-la’s hospitality. Theexhausted traveller is alone in an overwhelming and unwelcoming landscape,this represents, in a highly dramatic manner, the experience that some hotels give to their travellers. After falling exhausted, when the traveller wakes up realized that it’s surrounded by a wolf pack giving him warmth and protection. This represents the brand image that Shangri-La want to give. It’s slogan is: “embracing a stranger as one’s own”.

The objetive of the “Father and Son“campaing from Natalie Knight, as a copywritter,is to raise money for the New Zeland childen’s hospital. To engage people emotionally there is a role reversal between a father and a son, until they embrace and each other return to their rolls. It`s an awareness spot, that wants to reach the people’s hearts, so the participate with the hospital.

Once the member of the jury in the Asia Spikes Festival were published, women as Jean Lin, Global Chief Strategy officer of Isobar; Nancy Hartley,Creative Director in Sapient Nitro; Sujata Keshavan, Managing Director at Ray+Keshavan; Merlee Jayme, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of DDB DM9 JaymeSyfu and Jennifer Hu, Exeutive Creative Director of Ogilvy&Mathertook on special importance for Adwomen because they were just the only five women on the festival’sjury, composed by 53 men.

A notorius numerical difference that brough Adwomen to open a discussion in facebook to know what do our fans think about this fact that unfortunately it is repeated again and again and that recently, Rielle Lévesque, give us a cool solution in our group of Linkedin. Rielle suggest to chose the member of the jury blinded, Meaning the names of the members could be taken off the applications.



We are trying to contact these femenine juries to discover what has been their favourite campaign aimed to women or created by a women: once we get the answers you will be able to chech them here and in the page that we have open in Facebook the feminine side of advertising festivals“, where you could see all the information related to us at the most important festivals of the world.

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