Our page in Facebook, ‘The feminine side of advertising festivals‘, returns with Spikes Asia festival. Previously we told you about the female side of Cannes Lions, where you could find award-winning campaigns created by women and those award-winning campaigns that are aimed to the women.

Now is the turn of spikes asia, we are going to report everything that happens in it from the female point of view.

Spikes Asia started in 1989 and recognizes the best talent in the advertising industry in Asia. This year the festival will be held in Singapore from 19 to 21 September. In addition to the awards, the festival includes seminars, screenings, workshops and exhibitions.


At this time we know the members of the jury where 53 are men and 7 are women. This difference of the numbers between men and women is often repeated in the juries of festivals, this has led us to open a discussion to know what our fans think about this matter if it is a coincidence or a reflection of reality.

On the page you can find the names of these women judges and their careers. Later, you can know the finalists and winners of the festival, and you can enjoy with the videos and graphics winners.

We encourage you to partipate in the page, leave your comment and share the page with your friends.

Join the feminine side of Spikes Asia 2010!


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