The producer of cosmetics, Lancôme, launched a new product in the Japanese market: the first vibrating mascara for eyelashes that oscillates 7000 times per minute. That is something that definitely deserved a huge marketing setting!

The action consisted of installing, in the busiest train line of Tokyo, the set of hanging panels-mascara's oscillating brushes. The installation was made of print elements and electronic paper that, boosted with the lenticular lens technology, created the impression of movement.

This is the very first time when the electronic paper is being used to create a hanging transit poster. By now there are only white and black variants on the paper in use.

Is there any better way of explaining what the product is about than showing how does it work?

Till now, if you wanted to try a product, you needed to do it in a specialised store. The problem is that not every woman has that much time to assist this kind of presentations at beauty salons, perfumeries or hairdressers, and they stay outside.

However, this new system makes it possible to get with the product's advantages to a huge number of possible clients.

As you may know, women like to search information, ask and try. This technology somehow satisfies the need of a personal contact with a product.

Fallon Japan was in charge of the creativity and Universal McCann responsible for media planning.

Resources: Interactiva Digital, BrandRepublic, CMDGlobal.

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