Girls, What are you waiting for? You must vote for the women standing as candidates for the next Andy Jury Adwards taking place. The deadline for voting is until November’s  15 . We know Andy is to recognize outstanding creativity in the world, but first you need to change the idea about women in creating advertising messages and to achieve recognition the women’s work as creative and as a professional.


Andy Awards provide support for building the future of the business. And there must be us. Women have come a long way over the S XX to win their place in society, but we still have much to do. If we incorporate our thinking in the advertising world we must first achieve female jurors in prestigious festivals such as Andy Adwards. If we start from within, with female jurors will be easier when assessing the work of creative women.


Girls, we have to go far and we can. Let our voice and vote be heard on high.


This is our Challenge.



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