Its a pleasure to present the Pinkstinks organization and its latest campaing "Real role models". Pinkstinks was born in 2008 by two twin sisters moms called Emma and Abby Moore. They launched it with the intention to "defy the pink culture based upon beauty over inteligence".

Their aim is to:

* Inspire, motivate and enthuse girls about the possibilities and opportunities open to them

* Improve girls' self esteem and confidence, raise their ambitions and ultimately improve their life chances

* To challenge the ‘culture of pink’ which is based on beauty over brains and to provide an alternative

In order to achive these goals they run small targeted campaigns, which aim to tackle the drip of messages coming from the media which affect children, their self-esteem, aspirations and body image.

“For us the real models are women who have achieved incredible things that have taken risks, even against great odds. Women who have done something positive. We believe that if girls will be introduce to such images, many more will begin to value themselves, believe in their talents and what they can achive. ” The founder of Pink Stinks like to see a future without the stereotype of the “Princess Barbie” and “Body builder”. A place where girls grow up with all the options available, and all colors.

They also launched the "Pinkification" pehnomenon which goes beyond colour and which according to them limits the girlies ambitions.

Pinkstinks first campaing was lauched in December of 2009 by the name of Early Learning Emergency and as you can see below in the video, they wanted to show the pink signposting as limiting and stereotyped, as it pushed girls down particular aísles in toys shops, usually towards beauty tables, princess dresses etc.

With this campaing they gained international Press coverage in 43 countries, over 75,000 hits on pinkstinks website, 10,000 new Facebook members such as all age groups, teachers, academics and children. This campaing launched Pinkstinks into the public arena and has enabled them to continue to put pressure on other retailers and organisations.

If you want to follow their movement visit their website Pinstinks or facebook page!

Don't miss out and join it NOW!

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