"Women and men united to end up with the women and girls violence". It's this year UN's slogan. UN are celebrating this day since 1975.

That year was named ¨The International Year of Women¨. In fact, the 19th of March of 1911 was the first time when ¨The International Year of Women¨ was celebrated.

In 1914, the celebration's date was changed to the 8th of March and since then it's the official international celebration, a symbol of fight for women's right.

Here you can read the commemorative message wrote on this occasion by Koichiro Matsuura, General Director of UNESCO.

On that day conferences, exhibitions and concerts are organized all around the world.

We, as women and creatives, join this movement because we believe that there is still much work to do in a society ellascreanand in an advertising industry.

Some days ago we presented the campaign by the Basque Institute of Women (Emakunde), which caused a lot of controversy. Today we want to show you other initiatives that are going to take place in different places around the world.

In Spain

In Spain there are two competitions created to award the work of journalists and advertising executives acting in favour of equal opportunities and non-sexit advertising. We refer to the "8th of March" organized by Comunidad de Madrid and to "Crea Igualdad" [Create Equality], organized by the Ministry of Equality of Spain, that awards the adverts that reflects in a best way the equality between women and men.

Creative women do not only limit themselves to advertising. They search for the inspiration in dance, music, poetry, theatre, literature, fashion and film. All above disciplines are included in "Ellas Crean" [They Create] festival that is going to be held in Madrid during a month and a half. It's a place where great female artists will show their works.


Apart from that Expressive has launched the campaign "Mujeres por el día libre… y la conciliacion qué?" [Women in favour of a day off… and what about conciliation?]. They want to make the 8th of March a day off, and the agency itself gives a day of vacation to its staff. The campaign wants to recognize and appreciate the efforts of people who work in favour of women's rights and encourages launching this kind of initiatives. In the web we can find petition forms to ask the ministry of equality or local powers for a day off.


On this web we may find almost every event hold on the occasion of the International Women's Day all around the world. The number of registered events is simply amazing and the database includes the events that take place whole week long.

As you can imagine, new Technologies are involved in the initiative and two groups in the Second Life organized an event "Historias de mujeres de la Historia" [Stories of Women in History], her-story, which is going to take place on March the7th.

In UK, Birds Eye View Festival, a festival of women's films, is celebrated since 2002. One of the activities planned for the festival is an event organized by She Says. She Says wants to discuss the potential of an image in the digital advertising.


Some brands as Nike or Clarin have joined the celebration as well.

This is the third consecutive year when Nike invites women to take part in a race. "Nosotras corremos" [We Run] is a race of 5 kilometres organized in several cities that is aimed to integrate Latin American women.


Buena Vida, a supplement of Clarin, proposes every woman a day full of activities outdoor, shared with a family: nutrition guidance, dance, yoga lessons…

The list could be endless as associations, companies and institutions keep on joining the celebration.


The cause deserves every support, so women and men could live in a real equality. Many brands see this day as an opportunity to show their social responsibility and compromise with women problems. These kinds of initiatives are always good, just if (we don not want to criticise them) they last, and are not a matter of sales-driven purposes. As we use to expose in the blog, women are an important target for many sectors. Thus, they should be treated with respect and appreciation, as consumers and, before anything else, as women.


Concerning women as advertising professionals, the road to equality can be long and tough. But every day we demonstrate that we are capable of contributing to the collective imaginary with new values, distinct than men's ones, but the same important.

In AdWomen we will keep on showing the great examples of female creativity. Your participation is an important contribution for finding a female factor in advertising and a female side of the industry.

Resource: Todas.

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