The Olympians are a sporting event that generates more interest among women, 76% of American homes they see it. P&G as a sponsor of the U.S. team, it decided, coinciding with the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010, conducting a campaign of corporate image dedicated to the mothers, especially to the mothers of athletes who have been always supporting their children to the top Olympic . Without them, this dream would not have become reality. The campaign offered financial assistance to mothers and families of athletes to travel expenses and accommodation in Vancouver to asist the Olympic Games which were held between 12 and 28 February. With this gift P & G wanted to express its appreciation for the hard work and dedication to the mothers of the American team.

The campaign has two TV ads where the music elevates the degree of emotion.


Wieden+Kennedy agency did the campaign, where Susan Hoofman and Mark Fitzloff were the executive creative directors. Brilliant work.

The agency also created a website called thankyoumom, where you can find the blogs of mothers of athletes, send a message of gratitudes of their, view photos, videos … W+K also designed a room called ‘Home’ in Vancouver, a meeting place for the families of the athletes, where they could eat, watch the events and pick up the tickets.





Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland

Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman

Creative Directors: Jason Bagley, Eric Baldwin

Copywriter: Karl Lieberman

Art Director: Ryan O’Rourke

Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

Agency Producer: Kevin Diller

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