"Me, Myself" is the latest campaign made by Adidas especially for women.


This time Candace Parker, the basketball star, helps Adidas to encourage women to share their successes and defeats in sport. The authors of three winning stories will take part in a professional photo session with Parker and the shoots will be used in the next Adidas' campaign.


Due to Britt Jorgenson, the Adidas' US marketing director, the goal was to create a contest that not only celebrates women's achievements, but allows all the participants to learn from each other's stories".


This marketing campaign focuses on women's individuality, confidence and motivation. It portraits women in the moment right before, during or after performing sport exercises with help of Adidas clothes. And no matter if she is in the gym, park, meeting friends or walking a dog.

The campaign was launched online last February.

logoApart from that, Adidas introduced a new website with brand new spring collection for women. The website is very appealing.

First and foremost, the Adidas' famous logo has been redesigned and it's made of clothes coming from the spring collection. This is the leading tone of the whole web. The new collection reflects light colours and a casual look. The campaign presents a happy, independent and confident woman, who shares the fashion with her friends and enjoys every moment of her life.

Just like Nike (posted previously), Adidas highlights the importance of well planned advertising communication to women and it designs perfectly studied campaigns in order to get along with its target.

The overall strategy of both brands is similar: give a platform where to share experience while doing sport.

However, Nike seems more involved in projects, which help women to overcome difficulties through sport.

Similar strategies, different approaches. While one of the brands bets on a group effort in favour of women' welfare, the other one underlines individuality as a key factor of personal satisfaction in sport. While one of them collaborates with NGO, the other one works with a successful sportswoman.


Solidarity versus personal satisfaction: which of these values is more important for women? Which strategy will bring better results among women?

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