La ciudad de Puebla, en Méjico, es una de las ciudades que se suma a esta iniciativa con el objetivo de ofrecer mayor seguridad a las mujeres en el transporte. Los taxis rosas son conducidos por ellas y, por supuesto, no paran a los hombres. Lo bueno de éstos taxis es que están totalmente equipados con un kit de belleza, un botón anti pánico y un GPS específicamente pensado para nosotras. Sesenta conductoras de taxis rosas de entre 25 y 45 años son las encargadas de trasladar a lo largo y ancho de la ciudad a las demás mujeres.

Una iniciativa que tiene mucho tirón en Londres, donde está todo pensado; se paga con tarjeta de crédito para evitar robos o se hacen dos llamadas perdidas al móvil para que la mujer baje justo en el momento que llega el taxi. En el caso de Barcelona han sido más discretos, los taxis no están pintados de rosa, simplemente llevan una discreta pegatina que las acredita como pink lady. Aun así, la iniciativa ha sido tachada de feminista y retrógrada.

Personalmente, pienso que es una buena opción para un segmento de marketing con un nuevo servicio a explotar. ¿Tú qué opinas? ¿Te gustaría un taxi rosa en tu ciudad?

Nancy Tarrasó

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  1. I love it… I suppose there would be factions of groups in an uproar about discrimination. Even so… I love it. Is anything in the making for a trial run here in the U.S.?

  2. I think it is a great idea, but it’s a shame that it had to be born out of the need for security. I understand that us women are probably more vulnerable to crime, but the idea is a great idea in and of itself.

    Women have different needs and standards when it comes to most things in life. It sounds like this cab gives us convenience (I love to pay with plastic because how many women really go to the bank or ATM), a place and the tools with which to spruce up, a seat that won’t dirty our clothes (especially crisp whites that compliment our tans) and we love style. Pink is a statement of power. Look at what Mary Kay has done for it.

  3. Absolutely believe it would be a marketing success in Miami which would carry the word to various Domestic, European and LatAm markets.

    Great marketing opportunity for company’s seeking to reach the largest market on earth- the US Women’s market. Is advertising on or in their vehicles part of their business model?
    A set of SPECIAL OFFERS to passengers could be easily tracked for results.

    Ray Knight
    Chief Envisioneer Officer
    The RaynMakers
    The First and Only WomenCertified Business Development Agency in the US.
    Lightning Strikes .. $$$ .. Rayn Happens

  4. I don’t think it is a sustainable business for US market.

    For one, there is a certain backlash growing for ‘pink’ products in general.
    I think the germophobic Americans would be reluctant to touch ‘beauty kits’ in taxis, no matter how upscale.
    There is probably some surcharge for using ‘pink taxi’ – I’d prefer pay extra and get e.g. limousine or a specific brand of a car (e.g. Prius only taxi companies)

    Here in Chicago, taxi drivers have to accept credit cards (reluctantly they do).

    I see it as an opportunity for Tokyo or some gender segregated countries.

  5. Actually, it’s a security question for women who need to take a taxi in cities where it’s dangerous for a woman to take a taxi. And the colour of the taxis are pink because you can identify them, even if you are a foreign woman in this city. We would like to take this taxi in Mexico DF instead of other “type” of taxi.

  6. Fab idea! In a big, busy city like Jakarta, Indonesia, this taxis are sight of sore eyes. Not sure how we can employ female drivers yet, but the idea is a nice, idea!

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