Interview to Susan Westre

As you know, Cannes Lions 2011 was held recently and the best female creative director have met in this festival. Kat Gordon has been there and she was able to talk with Susan Westre, Creative Director at Ogilvy. Kat Gordon is Creative Director at Maternal Instinct, a California agency that specializes in marketing to moms. […]

IBM creativity made by Susan Westre

Agency: Ogilvy New York Chief Creative Officer: Steve Simpson Executive Creative Director: Susan Westre Creative Director:Mark Girand, David Korchin, Jason Marks, Michael Paterson, Steve Simpson, Susan Westre Copywriter: Mark Girand, Steven Schroth, Niels Westra Art Director: Miles Gilbert, Michael Paterson Design: Joshua Davis Producer: Jenn Pennington, Erika Tribble, Lee Weiss, Pierre Wendling, Karl Westman Director: […]