Women to Watch with Laura Desmond, Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Is for sure that a “glass ceiling” still exists in the West. Women are responsible for the majority household purchases, but companies with targeted women products still leaded by men. But what about China? Getting to know about this issue better, this week on Thoughtful China, Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest and one of the […]

How can you figure out if you are pregnant?

"The second best way to tell if you are pregnant." I have no doubt about the efficacy of this product, but the first method seems really strange to me. The campaign is very straightforward and it's clear what the product's main advantages are. Despite that, the images are far away from reality, and far away […]

¿Cómo saber si estás embarazada?

. "La segunda mejor manera de saber si estás embarazada" No dudo de la eficacia del producto, lo que me resulta más extraño es la que plantean como primera mejor manera de descubrir si estás embarazada. La campaña es muy directa y queda claro cuál es el beneficio del producto. Aún así, las imágenes resultan […]

Copys for female teens

The Indonesian agency Lowe Jakarta has used copys full of lyricism in its campaign for Rexona, some copys with a sensibility not very common in the texts of men-targeted deodorants.They aren’t only focused on the other sex, but also they talk about friendship, as one of their worries. This is the vision that a completely […]

Copys para las adolescentes

La agencia indonesia Lowe Jakarta ha utilizado unos copys llenos de lirismo para dirigirse a las jóvenes adolescentes en su campaña de Rexona, unos copys con una sensibilidad que no suele ser frecuente en los textos de desodorantes dirigidos a hombres. No sólo se centra en lo que se espera del sexo opuesto, sino también […]