Tuesday 2nd of March, from 16.00 to 17.00 pm Eastern Time, Laura Jordan Bambach was answering to our twitter’s followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you! Hope you enjoy it…

We Try Harder: Technology vs. Ideals

we try harder

“We try harder”. Does it ring a bell? Back in 1963 Avis the rental car company adopted this slogan in an effort to make a positive reference to Avis as the second largest rental car company in the US. A direct competitor to Hertz, it remains to this day one of the longest-lasting taglines in […]

Theatre to sell ideas

I attended to a workshop of the Club de Creativos (a creative’s club in Spain), there was only one other Accounts woman, it surprised me, because the workshop was called Theatre to sell ideas, and most of our job is selling creative’s ideas. This workshop was about creativity and also about working in a range […]

Lady Gaga’s new video “You and I”. So creative…

Lady Gaga present her new video for her song “You and I”. Once again, Lady Gaga goes nuts! The artist shows differents faces and characters, making her fans feel they will never know what to expect! Imposible dressings and science fiction make up, showing Lady Gaga as a black widow, cyborg or mermaid. Also it […]

Lynx ‘Billions’, whose creativity is?

Lynx, launched  the ad ‘Billions’ in the British TV, which shows hundreds of bikini-clad women running and swimming towards a man with a spray. Agency: BBH, London Creative Director: Rosie Arnold Director: Fredrik Bond Producer: Anna Hashmi Creative: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi Editor: Andrea MacArthur Agency Producer: Olly Chapman Production: MJZ (UK) Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty […]

Femmes Regionales, a progressive design agency

Femmes Regionales is a design agency founded by Mie Albæk Nielsen and Caroline Hansen. Their creativity hasn’t limits and they work in diverse projects mixing innovative concepts, special ideas and interesting trends. “We approach projects by sampling and re-styling ideas, images and materials into new concepts. We embrace and combine everything from granny to goth, […]

Creativity for living

September the 24th is the date. Another TEDxMadrid edition is going to be celebrated, this year at El Matadero. For those who don’t know what TED is, you can have a look here. The talk I show you here, which is worth watching (for sure lots of you already know it) resulted in a great impact […]

What is this ad announcing?

We’ve hidden the slogan and the brand of this ad. The answer is: This belgian campaign, called “Reborn to be alive”, promotes organ donation. Its slogan is “Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her.” Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels Executive Creative Director: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe Creative Director: Katrien Bottez, […]

Child Amnesty creativity made by Ilkay Gurpinar

“In Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Myanmar, Iran and Saudi Arabia children are still being executed. Join the fight at” Advertising Agency: TBWA\Istanbul, Turkey Executive Creative Director: Ilkay GurpinarCreative Director: Volkan Karakasoglu Art Director: Burak Kunduracioglu Copywriter: Volkan Karakasoglu Photographer: Serhat Bayram Account Manager: Ozlem Hanoglu Date: June 19, 2010