Women, chocolate and advertising

Women love chocolate, chocolate loves advertising and advertising loves women. It is a chain like all chains of love. Why women love chocolates? Because we love feelings and chocolate brings sensations, be it white, dark, milk chocolate, in a box, with a card and the best for me, in brownie shapes. I know only a […]

Men's things

Some months ago, I was in a grocery store in Edinburgh and one female friend said to me: “Look to that packaging”. They were some chocolate bars that she usually bought and the text said ‘It’s not for girls’. That diferenciation by the gender atractted my attention and I asked by myself why they had […]

Cosas de hombres

Hace algunos meses me encontraba en una tienda de barrio de Edimburgo y una amiga me dijo: “Mira ese envase”. Resulta que eran unas chocolatinas que ella compraba habitualmente y que contenían el mensaje ‘No es para chicas’.       Me llamó la atención la diferenciación por género y me pregunté por qué habían […]