B-Point jewelry for women

The advertising agency Publicis Yorum of Istanbul, has created a campaign for B-Point Jewelry of three prints which show us a glamorous girl with luxurious jewelry surrounded by medical professionals. A brilliant campaign with great creativity. “Very exciting jewelry”

Nancy Vonk

  Nancy Vonk has been the Co-Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Toronto since 1998 with partner Janet Kestin. They have won Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils, Communication Arts and Clios. They are the creative directors of Dove "Evolution", winner of two Grand Prix at Cannes and Grand Clio winner "Diamond Shreddies".

Campaña de modelos reales de la organización Pinkstinks

Es un placer presentar la organización Pinkstinks y su última campaña “Modelos de conducta reales”. Pinkstinks nació en 2008 por dos hermanas gemelas y madres, llamadas Emma and Abby Moore.Lo pusieron en marcha con la intención de “desafiar a la cultura de color rosa basada en la belleza , sobre la inteligencia”.

The campaing for real role models from Pinkstinks organization

Its a pleasure to present the Pinkstinks organization and its latest campaing "Real role models". Pinkstinks was born in 2008 by two twin sisters moms called Emma and Abby Moore. They launched it with the intention to "defy the pink culture based upon beauty over inteligence".

Golden Stilettos Awards 2010

Tomorrow will take place for the third consecutive year,  Golden Stiletto Awards! The only festival in the world led to the best British creative female. Once again the event will take place at  Getty Images Gallery.

Golden Stilettos Awards 2010

Mañana se celebran por tercer año consecutivo los Golden Stiletto Awards! El único festival del mundo dirigido a las mejores creativas Británicas. Una vez más el acto tendrá lugar en Getty Images Gallery.

The five A’s of the women in Argentine advertising

This new column from Buenos Aires, arose alter being a frequent and fan reader of Adwomen. It intends to be an additional contribution to the world wide exchange of views and ideas, and to enlarge the net that allows us to get in contact and learn from other voices separated by many kilometers. It will […]

Las cinco Aes de las mujeres en la publicidad Argentina

Esta nueva columna desde Buenos Aires, Argentina es una idea que me surgió después de un tiempo de ser lectora fan de Adwomen! La idea es aportar noticias, tendencias, comentarios y dar a conocer la labor de un montón de mujeres talentosas e inspiradoras de Argentina . Es una manera más de entender que la […]