Spikes Asia Awards says goodbye to three intense days where we’ve been able to see the best professionals of advertising industry. Three days with a full programme and a long list of activities, such as: workshops, competitions or seminars. During this short time, we’ve been able to enjoy the creativity and sensitivity of the most influential creative directors and we’ve seen a lot of women picking up an award.

This year women have played a very important role in this festival, since winning campaigns have been made by female creative directors. You can find the shorlist with the winning campaigns made by women below. We hope you enjoy them.

“Belle de Jour”
Swati Bhattacharya as Executive Creative Director.
Awards: Film Gold Spike.

“Heaven and Hell”
Hattie Cheng and Rojana Chuasakul as Creative Directors.
Awards: Print Grand Prix Spikes, Outdoor Grand Prix Spikes, Design Gold Spikes, Print & Poster Craft Grand Prix and Gold Spikes.

“Big Stain”
Wendy Chan as Creative Director.
Awards: Media Gold Spikes.

“The Skate Wash Denim”
Rojana Chuasakul as Creative Director.
Awards: Promo & Activation Gold Spikes.

Amanda Yang as Executive Creative Director.
Awards: Design Gold Spikes.

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