Next week, Spikes Asia Awards will be held and the best professionals of advertising industry will meet during three days. This festival, which will take place in Singapore from 18th to 20th September, will celebrate its silver jubilee. During 25 years, this prestigious festival had  recognized excellent advertising campaigns across Asia Pacific.

From we would like to join this celebration showing some of winning campaigns made by female creative directors.

“Teach India”. Tista Sen as Senior Vice-president and Executive Creative Director.

“The Love Story”. Jureeporn Thaidumrong as Executive Creative Director.

“Pregnant”. Vilailak Udomsrianan as Creative Director.

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  1. Tista Sen had as much to do with this campaign as Neil Armstrong had with climbing the Everest. It’s astonishing that there is zero fact checking that happens at your end; given the fact that this particular campaign won not one but TWO Grand Prix at Spikes itself. How truly tardy is that? Besides yours truly, the team comprised of Agnello Dias who led the team; Debu Purkayastha who was my Art colleague, Arkadyuti Basu, Vinayak Gaikwad, Simone Patrick and Kaushik Iyer. You can check with any of them about this. Better still, check your own records from the year 2008-09.

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