The Danish bread company Kohberg has launched an original and creative packaging so as to support the fight against  breast cancer. The company will donate to Danish Cancer Society  part of the revenue generated from the sales of their bread buns. With this action, Kohberg has got attract our attention!.

4 Responses

  1. This is a clever packaging design and personally I like it. It may however be offensive to some people that think it borders on sexist.

    They key is how much product it sells and if any incremental increases can be shown through innovative and creative packaging design.

    Happy Packaging!

    1. Thanks for sharing with us your opinion!

      I think that you are right! I hope no one get offended!

      Thanks JoAnn,


  2. I think this is really clever. No different than the campaign to “Save the Ta-Ta’s”. The key to cause marketing is to bring awareness and sometimes that means being a bit controversial or edgy, taking a different spin on things. It was done tastefully, not sleazy – can’t imagine any long term negative impact even among the most prudish.

    I appreciate your boldness.


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