cartel_findemujeresLast weekend, Boi Taul ski resort (Lleida, Spain) organized different activities aimed to attract women.

During two days, women in the resort could participate in a series of special events: fashion shows, winter beauty workshops, wine tasting, barbecue, ladies ski championship and special offers in the local spa.

During the whole day, the female visitants of Boi Taull could enjoy the variety of snow activities.

The organizers turn the resort into a space where to do much more things than only skiing. The weekend was a great success.

Throughout the winter season, the resort has been organizing events for different target groups. According to the person in charge of Boi Taul's marketing, it was a sudden idea: why not to organize something special for women?

Not bad idea, considering that women represent a crucial target group, which shouldn't be omitted when planning the communication of any product or service.

Representatives of the ski resort seem to understand that, as they have declared that next season they will repeat the event.

How much it will last before other ski resorts decide to organize similar events? Do you know any winter resort that already does it? Share your experience with us.


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