Sandpaper Man Help Fundation is the name of the campaign that Tiempo BBDO has made for Procter & Gamble. It’s having a great success in Internet, due to the original and funny idea.

The spot, with documentary tone, presents  a study that they did to thousands of women to know if they are happy with their husbands. All are happy with them, but the only problem is that they are sandpaper men because they have beard. This has advantages, as seen in the video, but these don’t help her relationship because most women don’t want to kiss them.

So, to end the problem, P&G has created the Foundation to help the sandpaper man, which offers a solution to these men and women: the five-leaf blades of Gillette, which promise a perfect finish shaving (www.ayudaalhombrelija. com)

When advertising meets with the genuine creativity, always surprise us. Even more, when it’s presenting a well-know products where the innovation is very important in the communication. In this case, we should highlight the innovative change. Previously, the advertising of this product is made from a male point of view, and here is from the female  perspective, the most relevant; actually the men shave for a reason, to be kissed by women.

Thanks and Congratulations to Tiempo BBDO to carry out great universal ideas to refresh the advertising.

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