Who is the creative team made up off? / ¿Quién forma parte del equipo creativo?

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Reebok has launched a new collection called Reetone with 3 new lines of footwear aimed at female viewers, EasyTone, Runton and Traintone.

The agency DBB of Berlin has made the campaign under the slogan “it helps to the women to maintain firm their legs and buttocks”

Many people say that they are slippers for women, and their advertising is for men, because the graphs teach the legs and buttocks of an attractive model, something that attracts and appeals to men.

It has been said that if it had been a beer campaign or a product for men, this would have qualified as sexist and use the body of women as sex objects. But this is a product aimed at women whose advertising has not liked each other.

You might think that the creative team is composed only of men but not so, there are both men and women.


Advertising Agency: DDB Berlin, Germany
Head of Art Buying: Kim Bianchi
Account Director: Stephen Kimpel
Design Director: Stephanie Barth
Production: Lunik GmbH – Arne Weingart
Stylist: Sara Dunn
Retouching: Adrien Benard, Paris

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