As we mentioned before, male and especially female consumers do not like adverts showing perfect models.

FWT-Crew reacted actively by creating an ad busting action. They converted an advert of CDs, launched in Berlin, into a social claim.

The action consists of overlaying the image with stickers of Adobe Photoshop's interface panels. It makes the message change absolutely. In this form the advert doesn't sell CDs any more, but it makes people wonder about the real beauty of the pop stars, and about how it is used in advertising.

This ad busting is full of irony and creativity and makes people stop and think about the issue.

FTW-Crew (Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy) is a group of street artist who use public space in order to bring to life all kind of social topics and make a social change.

Sources: Barcelona's Chiringuito, Brand Infection, Cool hunting.

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