Mary Kay Cosmetics is a multinational, founded by Mary Kay in 1963 in Dallas. After its expansion in Brazil in 1998, the American company became one of the best in the field of cosmetics due to independent beauty consultants and independent entrepreneurs who serve their clients. It is currently present in over 30 countries worldwide and it has 1,600,000. consulting.

The brand has just launched a new market: a simulator of virtual makeup for women can know and try the products of the brand in an entertaining and fun way. They can learn to make up and they can know what is the best hairstyle for them.

It is a easy system to use. First you have to choose between two options: Select the image of one of the models or use a picture of yourself. Then you will find many alternatives to make up the lips, eyes, face, and to choose the type of hair and hair style. The images can be compounded and made the way you want.

You can save on your computer the end results, send it in a email or print it. You can also connect with a beauty consultant for personal beauty tips.

We leave you two examples of images of models where you can see the before and after.



Mary Kay is the first cosmetic brand that creates a virtual simulator of makeup products, but previously existed websites as to learn how to wear makeup, try changing hairstyles and choose. Taaz is a system very well designed and easy to understand, where there are available lots of tips and tricks on how to make up, latest trends, and books of photos where inspiration.

In Taaz the users need to register in order to upload their own photo, if they do not want to register they have the possibility to choose between the faces of models who are on the website and experiment with them, using different hairstyles and makeup. They may even know what style of glasses are the better for their.

When the user is finished, it can upload the final result to the gallery, where other users can give their votes to favorite makeup and hairstyles.


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