Tuesday 22nd of February, from 16.00 to 17.00 pm Eastern Time, Pepa Rojo was answering to our twitter's followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

WFCD (@WFCD)- Which do you think are the most important trends for this year in Digital? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo (@peparojo)- And also Social Media. I mean as a way to built brand communities. Inspired by Apple, mini, nike. 10 million of downloads apps must mean something. And not as a trend but a reality something that I call CLOUDVERTISING, Infraestructure as a service, platform as a service and Software as a service. #WFCD

AdWomen (@adwomen)- Which are your responsabilities now from you new possition at Grey's #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- First create a digital department more rich in terms of profiles. Mis of copywriters, art directors, visual designers, user experience designers, and creative developers (apps and mobile) #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C (@kerryanntweet)- Can you define the term "New Media" for us? I'm in school and we're being taught to use it but we don't really understand it #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- As Zygmunt Bauman says we live in Liquid modernity. Things changes constantly. We have to reinvent everyday. #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C- I want to either work overseas or somewhere in south america so I'm learning spanish. Is the market much different there? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- You mean between Spain and South America? Or Europe and South america?

Kerry-Ann C- I meant between Spain and South America. Can "Guerrilla advertising" be considered "new media" ¿ It seems to fit the bill. #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Yes of course and yes πŸ˜‰

Cynthia Tejada Pardo- It is absolutly the same! #WFCD

Jackie Ng (@jacoutthebox)- North America is obsessed with social/digital, etc. Would you say that it's the same in Spain/Europe. #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- I am afraid yes we are obsessed, but unfortunately in at least Spain the budget are not like we would like it to be ;(

AdWomen- In your agency, what portion of male and female have you in your working teams? #WFCD What do you think is the best portion?

Christina Oflaherty (@writesAlot)- Hola! I'm curious about the ad culture in Spain and Europe. Are there many women in positions like yours? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Male 60/ 40 Female #WFCD

Vero Tejos (@verotejos)- I want to know wich is the proportions between man abd woman in creative area in Europe, I'm from Chile! πŸ˜‰

Pepa Rojo- we have a mexican, agentinian, jordanian, iranian and we welcome of course… people from other nationalities πŸ˜‰

Kerry-Ann C- Best piece of advice that you could ever give to an website aka me >_<and all others like me son to be fresh out of school. #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Advice? Work with passion. Enjoy and surprise yourself everyday! #WFCD

Christina Oflaherty- I bet it has to do with trailblazers like you. It's great to hear about women thriving in advertising. Gives us hope! #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- The female potions are growing up. Luckily πŸ˜‰ #WFCD

Christina Oflaherty- Where do you get inspiration for your work? Is it different inspiration for new media then it is tradicional? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Inspiration can came from everywhere ;). The important thing are the ideas ! Not the media.

Kerry-Ann C- Is the push for designing everything to fit on a Blackberry or iPad as big in your market as it is in Canada and the US? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- The culture is very similar, but probably our market is more european in terms of habits. #WFCD

Jackie Ng (@jacoutofthebox)- Doesn't a limited budget makes you more creative and resourceful? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- I don't think so. But with a big budget sometimes you get more confortable and you don't look further. #WFCD

Jackie Ng- Last question…What is your process when you create a concept, esp. Within the scope of an integrated campaign? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- There is not a process unificated. I think. Not even between traditional and digital. #WFCD

Christina Oflaherty- What is the best part of the job for you? #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- The best part it’s that I have a lot of fun. Laughs are the best present at the end of the day πŸ˜‰ #WFCD

Cynthia Tejada Pardo- ¿Crees que el inglés es igual de fundamental para un copy que solo quiere escribir en español? Gracias! #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- No, el inglés te ayudará a estar más informada y relacionarte mejor. Pero podrás trabajar en tu lengua sin problemas. #WFCD

WFCD- Time is up! Thank to everyone that took part in! And BIG Thank to PEPA. You are great! Have a nice day πŸ˜‰ #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Thanks for the initiative. It's has been great πŸ˜‰ #WFCD

Jackie Ng- Thank you very much for you time and insights. May you have clients with more budgets in the near future! #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Big thank to you πŸ˜‰ #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C- Thanks for answering my MANY questions and for the insights. :] #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Thanks for your interest πŸ˜‰ #WFCD

Christina Oflaherty- Thank you for your time! Great advice #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- Thanks. It was really nice! #WFCD

Pepa Rojo- …As Kevin Kelly says (Wired Magazine) "Believe in the imposible" πŸ˜‰ #WFCD


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