Memorex conducted a customer survey and 70% of women said they felt neglected when there are new electronic products in the market, also felt that marketing in the digital point of sale and only focused on attracting a male audience. This contrasts with the fact that women represent 40% of purchases in the electronics world.

To break this trend Memorex decided to create a new marketing strategy. This created a new line of audio devices, designed and created by women and designed for the female audience.

“Women make use of technology to make her life easier and enjoyable, not to complicate it further. To respond to her needs, Memorex introduces these new electronics, modern and easy to use, specially designed for a female audience, always very tough on the exterior design, without forgetting the quality of services” said Memorex.

To support this new release, Memorex has redesigned its website, packaging and has created an advertising campaign material at the point of sale. Also an important detail is that Memorex has taken into account when designing new products, the fact that women don’t want to complicate her life with the use of these.

Draws attention to marketing strategies used to promote a product of the new range, the portable radio MiniMove. It took place in a parade of Fashion Week in New York where models paraded in the product in his hand as if it were a bag.

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