Some months ago we published a report about Nike's campaign directed to women. Today Nike comes back with its latest campaign:


Nike collaborates with Ashoka, an organization involved in finding innovative solutions for social problems.

With Changemakers the association gave a life to an online community. The community is based on collaborative competitions and its work is aimed to find creative strategies for encouraging change on issues of global importance.

Gamechangers: Change the Game for Women is one of this competitions and it's aimed to find innovative solutions and change sport so we may improve the social reality among the women around the world.



Since November 2008 any innovative and effective project, using sport as a tool to accelerate social change concerning women, is welcome in the Nike's online community.


Projects are published online, and anyone can comment and nominate them until February 25th of 2009. Then, a jury will decide about the winner.


According to the project's marketing coordinator, "the idea behind the competition is to share best practices and even help one another see the problem in a whole new light."


Last year, Nike and Ashoka began their collaboration with the project: "Sport for a Better World Competition".

The success made the brand cooperate with Ashoka again.


As we have seen previously, women are an important target for Nike. The brand does not only design advertising strategies following women's tastes, but it gets involved in their problems.

Nowadays, choosing women as a strategic target is still often something many companies don't understand or don't plan to do. Nike is far away from the conformism of this type and is determined to convince us that its commitment and compromise with the female part of society is real.


We can not predict at this stage what the real effects of this action will be, but we believe that by offering a space in the Internet to expose social projects, Nike is doing a great job, and possibly helps to boost the social change all around the world.

There is still a time to participate.

Resource: Creative Skirts.


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