I was very excited when I got the task to interview Nicky Bullard, Creative Director at LIDA/M&C Saatchi. After checking her profile online to look at some pictures and read about her career achievements, I must say WOW! What a meteoric career! I definitely had to meet this woman.

The Friday after, while sitting at the reception at Saatchi London, I was looking around trying to find the red-haired woman whom I was going to interview. Instead, an enthusiastic blonde woman gave me a warm reception. She took me to a lift that was almost packed as a guy pushing a trolley with yummy cookies squeezed in just before the doors closed. Nicky signalled to me and in a hushed tone, told me that those sweet treats were for us. As we made our way to her office, someone congratulated her on a recent campaign* that was nominated for a number of awards. In fact, she shared to me with much excitement that the night before they won another one.

An hour was allocated for this interview but the first minute that I spent with Nicky Bullard allowed me to know her fully. A vibrant woman with an outgoing personality, she is able to charm a stranger into a friend. She possesses a blend of humour and a constant on-the-go mood, which makes every moment with excitingly new.

Nicky has pieces of work that have won uncountable awards, even ads that garnered the words “a stroke of genius” from Alan Bennett. Although, while Nicky was answering my roulette of questions, I realized that the secret to her success is not only what she does, but also what she transmits. She puts in her team a magic touch – a contagious force that makes them go after what they really want and get it, an energy that empowers them to think of ideas for a pitch at 3am, and a vigour to celebrate all the triumphs that hard work brings.

Sit comfortably, indulge in a drink and enjoy the interview. It will definitely ignite some thoughts. As for me, I left Saatchi offices inspired with these insights: bee-friendly; work really hard; trust your intuition; and be brave – these will make you unstoppable.

Martha Tolosa

*“Save the bees” campaign is based on the work by cult artist Magnus Muhr’s “dead fly” images. Why save them? Bees pollinate at least 30% of the food crops we consume. They are directly responsible for the growth of many fruits, vegetables, live-stock feed and even cotton for fabrics. One in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination.

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  1. Way to go! Inspiring – and proves hard work, team work and collaboration works. I love the quote “there is always a better idea”. Thanks Nikki.

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