The Friday 25 th of February, from 18.00 to 19.00 pm Eastern Time, Natalie Lam was answering to our twitter's followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

WFCD (@WFCD)- Natalie are you ready for today's interview??? #WFCD

Natalie Lam (@lamishere)– Yes 🙂  #WFCD

AdWomen (@adwomen)– You were the youngest and first female regional Creative Director for OgilvyOne Asia, How did it feel? #WFCD

Natalie Lam– Actually nothing much, I still have to do my job. 😉 #WFCD

Sophia Thomas (@Sophiia_Thomaas)- China is a powerhouse when it comes to many things, do you think the ad industry there has the ability to take over the US? #WFCD

Natalie Lam– China is growing very fast and it's a true 24/7 world, but depends on what aspects of taking over…creativity, size? #WFCD

Sophia Thomas– Taking over as the place to be for advertising. Or do you think this is a title, NYC will always hold? #WFCD

Natalie Lam– Yes it's already a place to be for advertising 😉 In terms of the amazing opportunities and relatively Young industry. #WFCD

AdWomen– What trends do you see coming in advertising in China? #WFCD

Natalie Lam– China's still at the "sampling" stage and yet has to find its voice, hope it'll be more sophisticated and less literal soon. #WFCD

Sophia Thomas– What aspect of being a creative director do you love the most? #WFCD

Natalie Lam– Learning a Little more about the world from each brief, working with amazing people to make something happen. #WFCD

Shopia Thomas– If you had the chance to work in Europe which city (or country) would you pick? Why?

Natalie Lam– France, Scandinavia, Holland… and many others! #WFCD

WFCD– Time is up! Thanks to Natalie to give us this wonderful Interview! And thank you all for coming around! #WFCD Don't miss the next one! 😉

Natalie Lam– Thanks, it's been fun! #WFCD


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