In a commercial break of the Ministry of Economy and Treasury of the Government of Spain, a female psychologist recommends to a male patient to leave his work and forgets his wife because "she absorbs all their positive energy ".

The masculine voice answers: "To leave my Puri? But are you crazy? If my Puri is the greatest! It's clear that you haven’t try my Puri’s croquettes! " Then, one third voice adds the slogan of the campaign: "If your life is as you choose, wouldn’t your investment have to be the same? Buy Treasury Bills".On 29 of September, María Jesús Sainz, Popular Party senator and second vice-president of the Commission of Equality in the Senate, accused to the Government to make "sexist" publicity in this campaign for radio.

The minister of Equality, Bibiana Aído, declared that she would execute "the necessary steps to retire immediately the "spot" ".


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