Nike brings everlasting rivals face to face, so they can prove who is able to run more kilometres:

Nike+ suggests a new challenge to its followers. Roger Federer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker, Paula Radcliffe, Sofia Boutella and Fernando Torres. They have already joined the challenge.

Runners can pass on info like distance, time or rhythm from their running shoes to their Ipod nano, Ipod touch or Nike+SportBand and then transfer it to the web with an easy system.

veryone who registers to the challenge since the 13th of March to the 20th of April will compete in three categories: the total number of kilometres, the average of kilometres per runner and the number of kilometres made by a persona within 24 hours.

Men against Women. This is another competition that promotes the everlasting competition between both sexes. Women are more persevering, men are physically stronger… No matter who is your favourite, we have to wait some more days to know the winner.


For the moment there are more men than women registered in the web. Whatever the reason is (maybe men need to prove their stamina), it is clear that the number of persons taking part in the competition will determine the final result.

The campaign counts with outdoor ads as well


.and printed ads.



Who will be the winner?


Full credits
Agency: 72andSunny
Director: Tim Godsall
Music: "Run (I am a Natural Disaster)", de Gnarls Barkley
Digital company: AKQA

Resources: EuropaPress, MarketingNews.

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