Some months ago, I was in a grocery store in Edinburgh and one female friend said to me: “Look to that packaging”. They were some chocolate bars that she usually bought and the text said ‘It’s not for girls’.

That diferenciation by the gender atractted my attention and I asked by myself why they had chosen that communication estrategy. Today I have decided to research. Yorkie, the brand, belongs to Nestlé and they explain the campaign like this:


In 2001 the Yorkie “It's Not for Girls” campaign was launched because, in today's society, there aren't many things that a man can look at and say that's for him.

The ‘Not For Girls’ campaign theme for Yorkie uses humour, which resonates with today's British male and simply states that Yorkie is positioning itself as a chocolate bar for men who need a satisfying hunger buster. With five solid chunks of chocolate, it's a man sized eat!


Although I haven’t try that brand, I feel that I’m also the target of chocolatine bars. Although, personally, I’m faithful to Snickers chocolatine bars, which communication I think it isn’t directed either to me.

I don’t ask for the chocolatine bars communication direct for me or for the rest of girls, because I think they wouldn’t get either right with that diferenciation… Anyway, targets (or no-targets) do what they want.Resource: Nestlé UK

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