Martha Tolosa hasn’t been nominated to the Pulitzer but she likes writing. Considered 100% Colombian product.

Despite showing early drawing skills in primary school and wanting to become a doctor or president, she decided to go for Copywriting; and on a given Woman’s day she received the best gift a woman can get. No, not diamonds but her first job.

She was first taken by a local agency: Aguayo Advertising, where she started on the right foot by being awarded at some festivals. Then moved to Sancho BBDO where she had her 15 minutes of fame after creating the Pepsi campaign for Latin America “Se habla español” featuring singer Juanes.

She then joined JWT team for a year and decided to take the leap and went to London to learn English. There she worked in different roles and travelled to every visible spot in the map. She was very close to publishing several books like “How to pack in 5 minutes” and “Toiletries in hand luggage, where do they go?”

After all that, she worked for DDB and in 2010 joined LOWE -Mass Digital- as a Group Director. She is currently on the verge of becoming a ‘Meme’ and keeping abreast of the digital world while finishing a Masters in London.

Her family thinks that by August 2012 she will become famous. So it would be a good idea if you knew her right away!

Twitter: @MarthaToulouse

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