Mango fashion brand is present in all the continents and chooses the best way to get along well with women of each continent.

Smart, in vogue and inexpensive. Mango has set up its stores in the world's most important cities, selling elegance and simple clothes that women like.

Apart from its clothes, Mango takes care about its marketing strategy in order to approach more efficiently the women's world and create a "World of Mango".

Women Designers

Designers and famous actresses are who create exclusive collections for Mango. Penélope and Mónica Cruz, Sandrina Fasoli, Elizabeth hurley and Adam Lippes are some of them.


The Mango's online store is design with all details. Lucid conditions, phone service, different way of payment, refund… everything is very clear, and clothes can be chosen by categories: style, garment, price or size.

In addition, for each garment you can find advices on how to match clothes perfectly.

Online discounts are significant.

Online and offline fashion shows

Shows where new Mango collections are launched always become big events. Every time the scenery is carefully designed. The events are always attended by famous people, like Naty Abascal, Alejandra Prat or Dakota Johnson.

Brand's clients can follow Mango's fashion shows via the Internet.

Shopping Nights and Shopping Events

Mango closes its stores in order to offer to its guests a relaxing night with discount shopping, good live music, beauty and fashion advices, special cocktails, snacks, fashion magazines…

Sponsorship and collaboration.

Another way of approaching its target is sponsorship and collaboration.

Mango is one of the sponsors of ARCOMadrid. This way, Mango is associates itself with art, vanguard and international undertakings. In order to make the best of the sponsorship, Mango creates the Mango Performing, where shows with the participation of international artists take place.

As a sign of solidarity, Mango collaborates with Fero Fundation during the World Day Against Breast Cancer. Mango and Cruz sisters have created a limited edition of t-shirt. The entire profit will donated to the foundation.

Mango Fashion Awards

"The button" are the International awards organized by Mango. They help promoting young fashion designers internationally.


What more, Mango has a blog where it publishes news related to the brand.


Summing up, Mango knows female world perfectly and approaches its female target in the best way possible: being present in the entire world of beauty, but without forcing the image of a plastic woman.

Mango proposes something for the body and something for the spirit and sense of solidarity.

Mango's strategy is global and it has the same structure everywhere it goes, but always taking cultural factors into the consideration. London, Paris, New York, Norway, Dubai, Madrid, Athens, Munich, Warsaw, Singapore, Toronto, Riga, Prague…are some example of cities where Mango celebrates its events.

Without doubts, if Mango keeps its strategy, its clothes are going to stay in vogue.

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