Axe has a rival. Women also have an infallible weapon to conquer men.

We may say that Impulse is the Axe's equivalent for women. What concerns the spots of these two products, their aesthetic is clearly different. In case of Impulse, the seduction technique is finer, smarter and men do not make fools of themselves.

As we explained in the occasion of analyzing deodorants for men, in those spots women tend to do anything in order to conquer them. Many of these scenes have been labelled as humiliating for women.

Axe looks for the sensation of satisfaction of being sexually desired. On the contrary, Impulse is designed to help women seduce elegant men, looking for love and passion and not only sex.

The question is: would the type of campaign made for Axe work the same well with Impulse?

Full credits
Title: Miradas
Advertiser: Unilever
Product: Impulse
Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Production: Park Pictures/Pioneer Productions
Sound Studio: La Casa Post

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