Tuesday 2nd of March, from 16.00 to 17.00 pm Eastern Time, Laura Jordan Bambach was answering to our twitter’s followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Laura Jordan Bambach

Hope you enjoy itā€¦

Laura Jordan Bambach (@laurajaybee)- Hello! #WFCD

Sophia Thomas (@Sophiia_Thomaas)- Having worked in various countries which has been your favourite and why? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- London has been a great opportunity- a Gateway to the whole of Europe and a chance to work on global campaigns. Japan was the most fun outside of work (but I was a lot younger!) but you can’t top Australia for the work/life balance and the beach! #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Where do you work? #WFCD

Shopia Thomas- I’m actually a USA student graduating in May and looking to enter London’s ad industry. #WFCD

Laura Jordan- I think you’d like it here- there’s a lot of opportunity to create exceptional, new things here at the moment. #WFCD

Tatjana vukic (@tatjanadanilo)- What do you love about your job?#WFCD

Laura Jordan- I love the fact that you’re constantly learning and developing. I have a huge desire to create, and it satisfies that 2 #WFCD

Tatjana vukic- Where does your inspiration come from?

Laura Jordan- I try to get away from my desk and into the real world as much as posible: to be inspired by cultura not advertising #WFCD

Tatfana vukic- What has been your keys to success? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Making the most of every opportunity, and always doing what feels right, what’s good for your soul. #WFCD

Tatjana vukic- What are the things your company does best? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Good question! I’d say we’re cracking at blending different specialist skills and people to create unique Project and on a good day, feeling like a small creative agency even though we’re 500 people in the one office! #WFCD

Tatjana vukic- What are some common myths about creative directors that you don’t like? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- That we’re all arsholes šŸ˜‰ And that we swan around getting other people to do all the work and taking all the credit #WFCD

Tatjana vukic- ;-)))))

Tatjana vukic- Who were the biggest inspirations for your career? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- My biggest inspirations? Geekgirl (@rosiex) is a BIG one! She really got me going on this path! A lot of art inspires me too #WFCD

Tatjana vukic- How did your career unfold? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Anyone who can make a success out of being themselves too- that has a real power and joy about them – like. After I started working with Rosie in Geekgirl, I did more profesional work by WOM- starting my won Little agency. I then went to work for a few other places, and did a lot of teaching, at my old Uni, where I met Simon Waterfall presenting to my studentsā€¦That’s how I ended up at Deepend in Sydney and then in London. I started here at LBi London two years ago and it just felt right. #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C (@kerryanntweet)- If you could work in any other part of the world, where would it be and why? You’ve been to Australia and London right? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- I’d love to work in Aus again someday – and I think there are some really interesting places in Europe and Asia too #WFCD

Jo de Mornay Davies (@notanyoldjo)- Do you think that dig agencies are closer to closing the gap vs ABL/trad agencies in hiring conceptual creatives/CDs? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- I think we’re all closing the gap on each other- but agencies that collaborate and are open are the future #WFCD

Shopia Thomas- In what areas/departments do you think there is the highest demand for incoming graduates? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Good creatives that can think beyond advertising and into service desing, social, creating platfroms not campaignsā€¦ #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C- What advice would you give to someone who wants to work abroad? Is there a trick to it? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Don’t be afraid -be humble- and don’t underestimate the cultural difference -even between similar countries #WFCD

Steve Price (@PlanBstudio)- Follow Laura Jordan Bambach and watch her trying to answer a million questions on twitter about being a succesful female creative. #WFCD

Tatjana Vukic- What are some trends that you see in the world of online media? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- There are some great opportunities in creative SEO and CRM, and in using data in interesting ways – creatively own it! #WFCD

Steve Price- Fancy doing something ‘creative’ with the boys at the weekend? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Would love to! By the way is a good mate, and we have Young sonsa round the same age šŸ˜‰

Steve Price- How do you balance life, home and work? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Its supremely hard, and I’m always having to make concessions to work or family – it helps I love them both! #WFCD

Kerry-Ann C- But what does the terms `creating platforms’mean? We are taught to make campaigns or one offs. Advice? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- A campaign can be a great, soul-moving thing, but a brand needs to behave in a more `social` way now . It’s a way of continuing the conversation – something like AKQA’s Eco Drive is an older (but easy to find) example. #WFCD

Matthew Serge Guy (@Sergethew)- As an effeminate male creative should I attempt to grow a beard or fully commit to androgyny? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- I, myself, have a moustache I pull out for special occasionsā€¦ It’s on my desk! #WFCD

Gilda valle (@gildamaria)- Que piensas de la creatividad en LatinoamƩrica, que crees que nos falta y que cualidades se necesita para ser un creativo exitoso? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Quality of Latin American creative seems good – We have good people here (and my two favourite female CDs are Brazilian!). They are Fernanda Romano and Alessandra Lariu (who I started Shesays with) #WFCD

Sophia Thomas- If you could change anything about the ad industry what would it be? #WFCD

Laura Jordan- More thought about adding to the world of pointless information glut out thereā€¦ Stop talking and listen! #WFCD

AdWomen- Time is up! It’s been a great interview! Hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks to Laura and all of you as well! #WFCD

Tatjana vukic- Thank you for answering my questions!! Ƃ

Laura Jordan- No problema! A pleasure! #WFCD

Shopia Thomas- Thank you for answering all my questions! You have been amazing!! And Thank you Adwomen for making this possible! #WFCD

Laura Jordan- Thanks everyone! It’s been really fun! Lovely to meet you all and good luck! #WFCD

Lauren Anders Brown (@LABCollaborate)- An inspiring start to the AM to accompany my espresso, thank #WFCD

Steve Price- You the man, I mean woman #WFCD

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