How do you imagine it is?

When a colleague of mine lent me the book, and she asked me this question, I knew the book would not be the typical book of a renowned professional, who share his/her experiences.

Keri Smith, the author, with all her experience and knowledge, could have written something like a creativity guide. However, when I have the book in my hands I find a cover that could have been a face of a fairytale: with an irregular and colourful typography.

Precisely the childhood is the backbone of the book-this stage of life when your mind is free of prejudices and conventions, when everyone is who they want to be and dream of what they'll become in the future. It's a time when you do what you want without thinking about consequences. A time when creativity flows free.


That's why Keri suggests us some games to unblock our mind, invites us to let our imagination fly and do things that we left behind, and never tried to do them again.

Leaving routine, making up, going deep inside of our minds and letting us go. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone, we have to learn how to dream again. Trusting that we can do it and that we can be whoever we want to be. We only have to propose it to ourselves.

Living out loud is a game, a game where we are the main characters and where creativity slides down among dreams, wishes, crazy ideas and a lot, but a really big ¨lot¨, of optimism.

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