In 82 years of Oscar history no woman had done so. Australia’s Kathryn Bigelow has become the first woman in history to win the Oscar for best director with ‘The Hurt Locker’ a drama that takes place in Iraq, which has won five statuettes more: Oscar for Best Picture, Oscar best original screenplay Oscar for best sound editing and Oscar for best sound mixing.

Bigelow was the first female to win for best direction and fourth ever to be nominated for an Oscar after Lina Wertmüller for “Seven Beauties” in 1976, Jane Campion for “The Piano” in 1993 and Sofia Coppola for “Lost in Translation” in 2003.

We know that men occupy most leadership positions in the film industry and the award for best director seemed to be a recognition exclusively for men until the 82 nd edition.

As for film awards in Spain, the Goya, in all 23 editions of this awards, in three times a woman has been awarded as Best Director (Isabel Coixet, Iciar Bollaín y Pilar Miró) and another three as Best Novel Director. On two occasions has been awarded a film directed by a woman.

In Spain  8% of the films produced are headed by women, in this country the audiovisual creation is in male hands. Therefore has been created the association CIMA (Association of women filmmakers and audiovisual media) that aims to change the situation of women filmmakers. Women producers, directors, screenwriters and television crew chiefs and women in the media can unite to this association.

In the U.S., despite the number of movies directed by women, the statistics about the presence of female directors are still insignificant. Of the 13,400 members of the filmmakers syndicate, only 1,000, 7% are women.

Katrhyn Bigelow is a woman who has not been easy to move in a world dominated by men. After receiving the award in a CNN special program said “I hope to be the first of many” and went on to say “I will be forever grateful if I can inspire young filmmakers, fearless and tenacious, male or female, who feel that the impossible is possible and never stop fighting for a dream.”

We want to celebrate the Internacional Women’s Day with this new appreciation for the creative woman. A recognition that has involved overcoming a barrier that seemed unbreakable, and a breakthrough in the history of women in the early S.XXI.

From here we want to give congratulations to Kathryn and to give thanks for showing to the world that women can with anything and of course, as Barbara Streisand said when she giving the award to Bigelow “The time has come”

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