The 17th of February, from 16.00 to 17.00 pm Eastern Time, Joyce King Thomas was answering to our twitter's followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

Showbizgirl (@showbizgirl) – NOT just for the ladies #WFCD

Diane Cook-Tench (@cooktench) – I’m looking forward to Q/A today @ 4PM EST. #WFCD
AdWomen (@AdWomen) – We too! Joyce is such a great professional! #WFCD
Joyce King Thomas (@joycekthomas)- Thanks Diane. Good to hear from you. #WFCD

Sophia Thomas (@Sophiia_Thomaas) - I’m interested in a career in account mangement, what are good entry level positions to pursue? #WFCD

Joyce King Thomas – I’d recommend you look for a spot as junior strategic planner. A great background for an account person. #WFCD

Diane Cook-Tench – How are you changing it up these days? #WFCD

Joyce King Thomas – I’m focusing on one client instead of many. Also working with a education non-profit called Citizen Schools #WFCD

AdWomen - Why this change from CCO to Consultant??Just wondering…#WFCD
Joyce King Thomas – Wanted to get closer to the craft. And to check out new things. Like non-profits working in education and women’s issues. #WFCD

Diana Cook-Tench – My guess is you’re finding better balance now. What are your top tips for finding balance while working as a CCO? #WFCD

Joyce King Thomas -Not the best at balance. (How did I raise 2 sons?) I’d say don’t try to be perfect. Focus on where you can make a dif. #WFCD

Sophia Thomas – What would you describe as the most rewarding moment in your career? #WFCD

Sophia Thomas – Seeing how MasterCard’s Priceless campaign resonated with people was definitely rewarding. #WFCD

AdWomen - If you were born male, what things would tried to changed in the industry? #WFCD

Joyce King Thomas – I’d like to see the agency world reflect the diversity of the real world. #WFCD
Sophia Thomas – Thank you for your responses! Your advice was very helpful! And thank you to WFCD one again for making this possible! #WFCD
Diane Cook-Tench – Thank you to both Joyce King Thomas and WFCD. Here’s to featuring more smart ad women! #WFCD

Joyce King Thomas - Thanks AdWomen. You’re doing a great thing. #WFCD

AdWomen – Okey time is up! BIG THANK to Joyce King Thomas for giving us this fantastic hour! and Thanks to EVERYONE that make this possible! 😉 #WFCD

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