Aquarius and Tuenti hurled into cyberspace a simple idea: “Send your dreams.” The winner of the contest message would star the new outdoor advertising campaign for this drink. Through its website, more than 1,500 people submitted their choices.

And daydreaming … Jennifer Magar, a young from Almeria, with 26 years old, won the contest. Through a simple, optimistic message as “If you want your dreams come true … Wake Up”, Jennifer has been able to see her creation in eight shelters near your home.


When a few months ago Coca Cola chose Tuenti instead of television to launch its last Aquarius advertising campaign and thus become the largest advertiser of this social network, marked trend. Their goal: to reach more people through Tuenti, one of the most innovative advertising model. Proof of success, Coca-Cola pursue its strategy with its other brands such as Fanta and Burn among others.

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