A friendly looking grandpa  invites Internet users to join him and have a ride with his "canarito", a Ford Corcel Standard from 1974. Since then starts the real mess…

For a momet we leave Cannes and move to Brasil, to meet Ivy Abujamra - the youngest director of BossaNovaFilms. In her works Ivy always tries to reflect the contemporary language and its nuances and to enrich scripts with creative ideas and helps advertising agencies in the process of creative development of the ideas. Ivy won several awards for the excellence and that made the industry recognize her as daring and vanguard; among the others: Bronz at FIAP and Gold at Premio Columnistas. One of her works has been exhibited at MOMA in New York.


Brasil, May of 2009 - The setting is a barberry shop, one of these traditional ones that remain in some classic neighbourhoods of great cities. If you watch carefully you'll observe some differences in the decoration of the place. There are helmets hanging on the walls, car registration numbers…This composition is a part of the work signed by Ivy Abujamra, the director of BossaNovaFilms. This recent digital campaign was done for Mapfre, in cooperation with the Brazilian advertising agency Click.


The campaign that combines shots, on and offline, has as a protagonist a barber. ¨Barber¨ has a double meaning in Brazilian culture; is a term which means not only a men's hairdresser but a very bad driver.  The commercials that you can find on www.omaiorbarbeirodobrasil.com.br intend to boost the online relations and spread the content.


¨The best thing about this work was having a total liberty of creative expression. I could even search for the inspiration in the cartoons of Mr. Magoo for the one of the commercials where the barber goes out to have a nice ride in a car and he causes a real mess. Even if the topic is serious, the interpretation and approach are humorous and entertaining. I believe that this way the main one will be more ¨spreadable¨, and then it can possibly encourage Internet users to share online their own ¨traffic nonsenses¨, says Ivy.



To enrich with veracity the script proposed by Click, Ivy, who uses to advices creative professionals, suggested to give some ¨Italian touch¨ to the protagonist and add a soundtrack of  "tarantella" style to the sound patch prepared by the sound producer, Angels. The ad is stylized using the retro aesthetics, with a friendly grandpa who invites Internet users to join him and have a ride with his "canarito", a Ford Corcel Standard from 1974. Since then starts the real mess, as the barber is so distracted that he almost hits some pedestrians.


¨The other interesting moment was when QG, the offline agency working for the client, ask me to do a 30 seconds long commercial¨ – one of the ads that were supposed to appear in the TV commercial break. It's an example of turned media convergence, from Internet to TV: something unthinkable just some years ago¨ – comments Ivy, who has a great presence in the digital industry.

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