We have spoken to Barbara Krajnc, Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival. She has told us all details about the festival and hers opinion about the advertising industry. Many thanks Barbara!.

How did you get to be Executive Creative Director of Golden Drum Festival? Was it a hard path to get into?

The Golden Drum Festival is organized by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber. Having been appointed as Director General of the Chamber, I have also resumed a role of the Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival.

How do you combine your personal and professional life?

Work-life balance is quite a challenge, but it can be achieve by being well organized and setting the priorities straight, be it professional or private. These days, for example, it is important to know when to switch off business issues and take time for personal hobbies and especially closed friends.

Do you think that women and men have the same job opportunities in the advertising industry?

I believe in equal opportunities, yet it is interesting to see many more male creative directors then female. Perhaps we are better off in some other roles and responsibilities.

When you see a campaign, are you able to guess who is behind it, a female or male mind? Is there any difference between the creativity made by women and men?

Rather than guessing whose gender is behind an ad, I am more interested in an idea, solution to the issue. That is what drives the creativity forward.

From this years campaigns, which one would you say has surprised you the most? And your favourite one made by a female creative director?

At this year’s Golden Drum Festival there were many interesting campaigns and single entries, yet I would pick “Secrets Behind Paintaings”, “Rom” and “Books Fresheners”.

Which ones are the differences between European and American advertising? Which one do you like best?

Of course, there are historical, societal, linguistic differences, differences in perception, values, acceptability. Yet, I find the European advertising more challenging and inspirational for the reasons just mentioned. Think about the EU and all its official languages, different cultures, arts, history, religious beliefs.

How was this year’s festival? Was there anything brand new?

This year the Golden Drum Festival with its 18th edition went through a number of changes. Competition-wise, it returned to its original roots of New Europe meaning that only entries from this part of the World were eligible to enter the competition. Secondly, a lot of emphasis was put into the Festival’s programme in which we allocated a lot of time to very different, actual and relevant topics for the creative industry, including clients, media and researches.

Could you give any advice for young women who want to get in the industry?

I would say “work hard, play hard”. Have fun in what you do, think about not only what you do, but how you do it, and finally work hard, be ready to take on new challenges and take a risk.

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