Anna Lubowska, President of the Board of the Advertising Agencies Association of Poland (SAR) and Member of Executive Committee of Effie, she has participated as a jury in the latest edition of the Golden Drum in Slovenia. She likes riding horses and enjoy family life, participated as a jury member of the 55th International Festival of Cannes.

How would you define the experience of having participated as a jury in one of the most important advertising festival as Golden Drum?

It was great experience. I met very interesting people, open minded, able to share opinions, present different points of view and still able to come to consensus. People from five very different cultures and backgrounds. After two days we felt as a team. Will miss them!

The incorporation of women into creative teams is a slow process. What is our influence on the creative performance [if there is any]? Do we contribute something characteristic that men don’t?

I spent my advertising life in media agency and I the most creative person who ever worked with me is a women.

There are some surveys that show that the majority of women do not really feel identified with brands. Why does it happen? Do you thing that this could possibly change if there were more women engaged in making campaigns for women?

I never heard about it. By looking around I could say that women identify with brands from very different categories than men… And maybe we identify more with real life issues than males…?

In advertising agencies, do women perform freely? Aren’t they influenced too much by men surrounding them?

In the agency I work for board of directors have been monopolized by females for many years… Certainly we were influenced by our male colleagues. I have to add here that it is a very successful company.

It is said that advertising is too tough for women who want to have a healthy family life. Is this sacrifice needed to get a good job as creative?’

Having healthy family life and great career  the same time  it is very difficult as well for males as for females.

Just to know, how many women are there in your team?


In the interview with Ruth Lee she told us an anecdote about one product for women, whose campaign have been created my men, and that it didn’t really work with its female target. Notwithstanding, it got to be awarded in Cannes, voted basically by men who found the creative idea very attractive and easy to understand. What if campaigns made for women would be judged by female jury…?

I like Ruth’s story. Actually I was a witness of a very similar one. Jury members were two females and four males. Females coming from media agencies, males were from creative ones.  They believed that advert for breast ointment (against the pain acquiring after breastfeeding) was a great creative idea. In discussion they accused us of not being aware what female experience when breastfeeding…

I believe it is not about being male or female. It is about paying attention to proper, deep consumer insight instead of using our own believes…

Which is, in your opinion, best campaign you remember?

I am a very big fun of campaing awarded Grand Prix in Cannes year ago, it was a great example of ability to engage an audience in spite of very “boring” product.

And the one of a product or service for women?

Answer is simple. I voted for it with both of my hands: Portoroz Grand Prix in Media Category 2009

Due to your experience, is there something like a female factor in creativity?


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