Marta Piñol is General Director of Euro RSCG and before it, she was working in órbital (Grupo BBDO) for 5 years. Her experience includes the General Supervision of DEC, the direction of marketing in Tele2 in Spain and account direction in CP Proximity.
AdWomen: Your work, as a member of the festival’s jury, consists of judging hundreds of campaigns. In your opinion, is it possible to know by intuition if it was created by women?

Marta: No. I think that at work what counts is professionalism and not gender.
AdWomen: The incorporation of women into creative teams is a slow process. What is our influence on the creative performance [if there is any]? Do we contribute something characteristic that men don’t?

Marta: Women contribute with diversity and different points of view which help creative discussion.


AdWomen: In the interview with Ruth Lee she told us an anecdote about one product for women, whose campaign have been created my men, and that it didn’t really work with its female target. Notwithstanding, it got to be awarded in Cannes, voted basically by men who found the creative idea very attractive and easy to understand. What if campaigns made for women would be judged by female jury…?
Marta: No. In my opinion, campaigns have to be assessed by professionals, people who work everyday with briefings that require creative, intelligent and strategic decisions, suitable with the product’s target.


AdWomen: There are some surveys that show that the majority of women do not really feel identified with brands. Do you thing that this could possibly change if there would be more women engaged in making campaigns for women?
Marta: I do not think so. It is necessary to do good researches and insights and then stick to briefing so you can get the right solution for that target.


AdWomen: Just to know, how many women are there in your team?
Marta: We look for talent, not women or men. In the agency’s creative department 30% are women. But, in general, we are 50% or more. I do not think that creativity is born just and only in the creative department.


AdWomen: What concerns women as a target-what are the key factors in the communication to women that connects with them the best?
Marta: Get them emotional.


AdWomen: In the interview with Shalina Dam (Grey, India), made in March for the occasion of Adfest, she said that women in the advertising industry have to work much harder than men, to be treated as ¨a member of the club¨. How does it look like from your point of view?
Marta: I think it depends on the working environment and people who surround you. Sometimes you feel like this, sometimes no. It also depends on what you contribute to the group. But it is true that in this career, as a woman, you have to be strong mentally and block out, if there are only men you are working with. The important thing is that you believe in what you’re worth. And look forward, always.


AdWomen: Could it be that women feel intimidated by the number of male names being in charge of the creative production? (creatives, producers, directors, photographers…). Can it be one of the reasons why women usually stay back from the creative departments and work as account executives of public relations officers? Could female role models change this status quo and encourage young people?

Marta: The only thing that is needed is talent and be lucky enough to meet people who appreciates your talent.

AdWomen: Which is, in your opinion, the best campaign of this year edition, made by women?

Marta: I cannot answer. I don’t know who is behind each campaign.

AdWomen: And the one of a product or service for women?

Marta: I haven’t watched them yet.


AdWomen: To sum up, a brief test:
Your best campaign: I cannot decide. My heart is divided.
A nowadays campaign that you like the most: I like the Flex campaign
A friend from work:
1Antonio Pacheco (Pach): Creative brilliance. Pure concepts and what titles! You read the copies until the end.
2Alberto Zschiesche: Talent. Commitment. A great person.
By casualty, both are men.
One creative female professional: Cristina, Eli, Laura, Elisa, Raquel o Munia. Difficult to choose.
An advice for young creatives: Believe in what you do. Do not be fear.
A farewell: I hope El Sol shines these days.

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