Lali Giraldo accumulates 10 years of experience in production of advertisements, video clips and spots for TV series. Previously she has been working as a business administrator, specialised in finance. She decided to give a twist in her professional career; she moved to Bogota and started working as a CEO's assistant for Juan Carlos Beltrán.

In few time she was offered a position of an executive producer in Visión Digital. From there she moved to Teleset, where she acquired the mayor part of her experience in the field of executive production.

In 2004, in cooperation with Juan Carlos Beltrán and Alvaro Mesa, she established Direktor Films, a company dedicated to production of commercials, videos and motion movies.


AdWomen: This year FIAP celebrates its 40th anniversary. What the festival means to the Latin-American advertising?

Lali Giraldo: The festival is a very good parameter to weigh up the development of Latin-American advertising.


AdWomen: There are 4 women in the jury, is it a coincidence or a reflection of the advertising industry?

Lali Giraldo: I think it is a reflection of the industry's reality. However, female participation in the Colombia's advertising has increased in the last years.


AdWomen: Some people think that women contribute with different values to the process of creation. And others believe that these differences depend on people, and not sex. What do you think? What are these different values?

Lali Giraldo: I definitely think women contribute with different values. Not better or worse, but simply different. Sensitivity, aesthetic, instinct… these values all together result in a different approach.


AdWomen: Is it more difficult for a woman to enter into the world of advertising than into other audiovisual sectors: cinema, television?

Lali Giraldo:Absolutely yes.


AdWomen:Would it be easier for women to get into creative departments if there were more women working as creatives?

Lali Giraldo: I think so. It is a needed for more women breaking with pigeonholed way of thinking, who would mark the way.


AdWomen: In the areas directly related to advertising, as photography, film direction, postproduction, what's the importance of women in comparison with men?

Lali Giraldo: Definitely there are fewer women than men, but as I said previously, women contribute with other values giving a different approach.


AdWomen: In international festivals only few campaigns directed to women win any prize. Which can be the reason?

Lali Giraldo: In my opinion, it is not related to women, but to the quality of the pieces' creativity.


AdWomen: Latin-American advertising happens to be labelled as sexist. Could female presence in creative teams change this situation?

Lali Giraldo: Probably yes, as there would be a mix of approaches.


AdWomen:What are the core feminine stereotypes present in Latin-American advertising? Would it be necessary to dismiss them? A woman-mother, a woman-housewife…

Lali Giraldo: I think that we should try to make them evolve toward nowadays women.


AdWomen: There are data that demonstrate that most of women do not feel identified with advertising. Which are the creative keys and strategies that connect with them the best?

Lali Giraldo: Update the index that make the advertising up to date, for women living right here, right now. Nowadays stereotypes are very different from the ones that were used some years ago.


AdWomen: Ruth Lee told us an anecdote about an advert directed to women but created by men, which did not connect with the female public Do you think it is necessary that a campaign aimed at women was created by women?

Lali Giraldo: Absolutely yes. A product aimed at women should be created by women.


AdWomen: Bec Brideson told to IHaveAnIdea that Gran Prix is usually won by the last beer spot. Would that change if there were more women among jury's members?

Lali Giraldo: I believe so. Women and men have different tastes and I am sure the final rating would be different.


AdWomen: Which is the best campaign created by a woman in this year edition of the festival?

Lali Giraldo: I do not have this info.


AdWomen: Which is the best campaign, aimed at women, in FIAP 2009?

Lali Giraldo: I didn't find any among the campaigns I qualified personally.


AdWomen: To end up a brief questionnaire:

Your best campaign: NA

The last campaign you created: NA

A friend from work: NA

One creative woman: Margarita Olivares, Lowe SSP3, Colombia

Your tip for young creative women: Give up schematic thinking, dare to cross the line!!!

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