Konstantina Chatzaki studied Mass Media y Communication and in 2004 she got her MA in Advertising and Marketing with a distinction from Leeds University Business School. In the same year, she started working at OgilvyOne as copywriter in traditional advertising. She did campaigns for clients Duch as Coca Cola, Lufthansa, Diageo and DHL, with this client she won the Bronze Award in th Greek Advertising Festival, Ermis Awards.

In 2006 she shifted to online advertising and currently she working as a Creative Director in OgilvyInteractive of Panos Sambrakos’ team. Some of her digital campaigns got awards in the Greek Advertising Festival, and also internacional acclaim in IAB’s MIXX Awards, the London Internacional Awards and the New York Festivals.

Konstantina, after working on each campaign always  she makes short european getaways to watch music concerts or to visit old friends from her Leeds Uni days.

What do you think of the Portfolio Night experience? Have you learnt anything from it?

The first Portfolio Night that took place in Greece  was a valuable experience for all attending. I had the chance to get a look into young creatives’ work in a friendly and relaxed mode, while creatives had the chance to gain instant access to the Greek advertising market’s leading creative minds.

All in all, I believe Portfolio Night proved to be a great idea, cause in the we ended up hiring 2 people at OgilvyOne thanks to this occasion.

Who was your first tutor in advertising?

I would say I owe a lot to two people.

Yannis Apergis, a multi awarded, old-school art director-turned-creative director in many companies, such as McCann-Ericsson, FCB, OgilvyOne, who introduced me to the profession of copywriting in traditional advertising. I think the most important lesson I learnt from him was the advertising thinking. The whole methodology of indulging your mind into the quest for an idea was simply fascinating whenever Yannis and I brainstormed.

The second person I’d call my mentor has been Panos Sambrakos, Executive Creative Director at OgilvyOne nowadays and “partner-in-crime” in all the campaigns I’ve worked on for the past 5 years. I could not have asked for a better and more passionate tutor in all things digital.

According to your own experience in Portfolio Night, What is the level of the young creative women?

Even though a small sample cannot serve for generalization, I would have to say that women appeared more prepared, passionate, decisive and conscious of their goals, while some of the male creatives just saw this night as a way to show some work without having a clear target of what their next step would ideally be.

How many women are there in your creative department? And the percentage in comparison to men percentage.

Contrary to the client service department, where females prevail, there are just 4 women creatives at OgilvyOne Athens. We have about 12 male web designers and art directors in total. Hopefully more female digital creatives will emerge in the near future.

What is the campaign that surprised you most as far as communication to women goes?

I would have to say Dove’s Real Beauty campaign without a doubt. It’s probably a sort of a cliché answer by now. However, I believe it was the first time that a campaign actually gave a stand for women to become more vocal about a problem that was in their minds, but not really out there just yet. And that’s the beauty of this campaign: achieving tangible results (i.e. raising sales) and at the same time exceeding the limits of advertising to become a contemporary movement with a strong, international appeal.

An advice for the young creative women.

I’d say firstly that advertising cannot be perceived as “a job”. Ideas show up because some people are passionate and crazy enough to spend long hours trying to figure them out. Also, never hesitate to share an idea out of fear of someone else’s opinion and last but not least: if you are at a point in your life where you don’t know how advertising and family can fit in the same sentence, think again. If there is one person who can come up with an idea on how to make those two co-exist it’s you.

Name the best current creative woman in your opinion.

I think there are a quite a few women who excel in their own careers and whose work I find truly inspiring: Zaha Hadid in architecture, Annie Liebovitz in photography, Tori Amos in songwriting and composing, Sophia Kokosalaki in fashion design. 

What is the best campaign that you have worked on as creative director?

As a newly appointed creative director, I would have to bring as an example a campaign I worked on as Associate Creative Director: the internationally acclaimed campaign for Kraft’s Lacta milk chocolate called “Love in Action”, where we asked people to share in their own love stories and turned one of them into a 27-minute short film with their own active participation during production.

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