As a creative who’s driven by creating exceptional work, Kate Davis has more than 15 years’ experience developing award-winning work in all media. She has also spearheaded integrated and relationship marketing campaigns that were both highly conceptual and highly effective. In addition, she’s a strong strategic thinker who knows how to direct multiple teams to create work that meets or excedes business objectives. Currently is creative director in Razorfish Health.

What do you think of the Portfolio Night experience? Have you learnt anything from it?

It is always great to who and what is going on in the industry. I am new to Philly so I was able to get a sense of who the area had to offer.

Who was your first tutor in advertising?

I had two mentors. Nobuko Nagaoka and Pam Spence. They were the creative directors who paid attention. Nobuko is an amazing art director who fixated on all the details, Pam helped me hone my conceptual abilities.

How many women are there in your creative department?

There are definitely more women than men in my department at the moment. Thought that isn’t that surprising given our focus on Health.

What is the campaign that surprised you most as far as communication to women goes?

Most recently I have loved the Kotex campaign. It has an honesty that I think resonates with the audience. I love that it skewers all the stereotypical “womens” advertising at the same time.

According to your own experience in Portfolio Night, What is the level of the young creative women?

I was surprised by the level of talent across the board. There is some amazing talent in the area. I also was dumbfounded by the lack of digital design skills. As I watch the industry shift away from traditional advertising, toward digital, I can’t help but question the programs out there now.

Any advice for the young creative women.

Don’t be afraid to try anything and keep ahead of the technology curve.

Name the best current creative woman in your opinion.

There are so many. Not sure I could choose.

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