The last thursday we attended to the Congress’Communication in female’ organized by the University of the Basque Country, where we had the opportunity to interview one of the speakers, Cristina Barturen, who lead the agency Arnold Pure 4D with Susan Puras.

Married with three children, Cristina Barturen has the career of Psychology and Information Sciences by the University of the Basque Country. He has a master’s in strategy from the University of Berkeley, California. He began his career as an editor at DMB & B where he was 5 years. He continued in Q & A where she was named Creative Director. In 1998, he joined the group Euro RSCG. In 2002 she has named as a Vicepresident creative of Euro RSCG4D, the network of agencies specialists in direct marketing and CRM, and since then also is a member of the Governing Board of the Group. In 2003 she passed the other side, the management. Since then, she leads Euro RSCG4D agency that has managed to position itself among the top 4 positions as Consulting Group’s latest study. In 2008, she was jury of the most important Festivals like El Sol, Cannes and Efficiency. Since september 2009 is co-director of Arnold 4D, the agency that is part of network of Havas Group.

How did you decide to get into this world?

I studied two careers, Psychology and Journalism. Then I went to University of Berkeley where I specialized in strategy. And I always liked to write, mainly because of that.

How did you get where you are? or what were the weapons that you used for it?

With great effort, dedication and highly motivated staff. Clearly supported or my husband and three children. I would say that my gun was the personal effort and that I had the luck to fall into an agency which has long valued talent, regardless of where they came from, it has helped me grow professionally and continue to motivate me.

Throughout your career, what has been the most rewarding and the hardest thing?

The hardest thing have been recent years.I have had to fire people, which is something I’ll never assimilate it. It’s very hard because the work of a person touches you very deeply. Regarding the prettiest part, I think there are many things everyday, but especially the teamwork.

Have you had to overcome a barrier created by men?

In communication there are many barriers, as part of the creative direction because I come from there, and there are very few women. That for me has meant, on one side an advantage because I had the opportunity to participate in forums because they are women and participate as a juror in many festivals and on the other hand, a disadvantage, since in the creative side there are no timetables.

What has been the campaign that has enjoyed more bring it?

It is difficult because each campaign has its difficulties. Surely with the most awards we have won because it is a recognition of our work. In telecom sector we have worked hard, Telefonica, Vodafone, etc, and in the automotive sector.

And a question that never fails in our interviews, do you think there is a female factor in creativity?

The vision of a woman to communicate to another woman is always going to be more glossy than having a man. Therefore, to better inform women who can do as women, are best can be put in place.

How about AdWomen Initiative?

I think this is fantastic, everything is moving, to echo everything that women do in any industry, that’s fine. Congratulations.

You told that you have just launch the campaign ‘red card’, who is part of the creative team?

They are all women, was a condition. The screenplay is by Iciar Bollain, the shooting of Gracia Querejeta. The agency has been what has reworked the script, who has managed to brand ambassadors, who has coordinated the celebrities, etc.. We all have gone through an unselfish way, with better collaboration and has been very easy to work with them.

And finally, what advice would you give to girls who have that dream of getting high?

Study and work simultaneously. Do practices, although it is true that here the Spanish system is far behind if you compare it with American and French universities. Yet since the third grade reconciles work and study, because the university timetables are small and can afford it. Be scholarship holder, because they learn faster. If they finish college with two years of training already undertaken, have done and the way it is easier to incorporate them into the labor market. Therefore, my advice is: practices, practices, practices.

As we mentioned before, the day of the conference, the Ministry of Equal presented the new campaign against gender violence in Madrid, created by agency of Cristina Barturen, Arnold D4.

The media campaign has the slogan ‘Take out the red card to the abuser’ and has the participation of famous people and from different professionals fields, like Emma Thompson, Pedro Almodovar, Jon Kortajarena, Miguel Bosé, Pablo Motos, Paul Powers, Pastora Vega, Ana Rosa Quintana, Bebe, and so on.

Some of them look the camera directly to the viewer for ask ‘Do you think that this it’s be man? I don’t ‘. Another image is of a group of actors who are put in place of a person familiar to the abuser, and reflect on what they did and what they didn’t to prevent that the abuser ends up killing his victim.

The campaign has several television commercials, several posters and a website You can download your own red card on the website, take a picture with her and upload it to the same site.

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