Catherine Savard is a creative director with 12 years’ experience working on 360 campaigns. Originally a journalist, she quickly discovered a love for the internet and all things digital and started her own small agency in Montreal in 1999. Since then, Catherine has worked in international agencies around the world, notably in London, UK; Sydney, Australia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and has recently returned to Quebec to find a home at Cossette, Canada’s largest agency. Catherine heads a team of talented creatives and works on a variety of projects that span digital and traditional campaigns.

What do you think of the Portfolio Night experience? Have you learnt anything from it?

Useful for networking amongst other CDs, but not so useful for finding talent. This may be due to a lack of good programs for creatives here in Quebec, but I saw a lot of design talent but no real talent at concepting.

Who was your first tutor in advertising?

Chris Jones, who was then Digital CD at Euro RSCG Interactive in Sydney, Australia. He took a real chance on me as I had no prior advertising experience.

How many women are there in your creative department?

About half and half in the creative department, but there’s a marked lack of women in leadership roles.

What is the campaign that surprised you most as far as communication to women goes?

I’m sure this is a common answer, but The Dove campaign for real beauty was well overdue.

According to your own experience in Portfolio Night, What is the level of the young creative women?

They’re certainly better prepared than the boys 😉

An advice for the young creative women.

Be yourself!

Name the best current creative woman in your opinion.

I don’t really follow who’s who in the industry.

What is the best campaign that you have worked on as creative director?

Possibly the Mentos ‘Make your world go rounder’ campaign from last year, especially the generative art website.


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